URBANFITNESS London is a brand new Gym concept, and we are looking for those long-term, committed people who will help make us entirely unique.

We are different because we are not about our market share or an obsession with cost cutting at the expense of our members. We are passionate about growing a chain of central London clubs, one by one, that provide elite fitness facilities. This is based upon an array of USP’s centred around people. The key objective we set ourselves is to make each club an inspiring environment where the URBANFITNESS London team and members achieve their lifestyle goals.

What are we looking for in our team members?

  • Happy, outgoing, vibrant souls who have a passion for all things sport, health & fitness.
  • An eagerness for education and on-going personal development
  • People who get out of bed every day without pressing the snooze button wanting to make a difference.
  • Those who enter a room and make it slightly better.
  • Individuals who understand the definition of a team and all that it entails.
  • Characters who lead by example and get their hands dirty without a moment’s hesitation.
  • Who set extremely high standards for themselves and believe in helping others achieve those standards.
  • Who take pride in successfully training others.
  • Have a caring, empathetic and humble nature.

What will you receive?

Among the best benefits package in our industry for each and every role.

Therefore put simply if you want to work for the most passionate and progressive fitness company in our industry then get to work on sending us something unique which makes you stand out from the crowd. If we like it…..We genuinely look forward to meeting you!

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