World class customer service and people driven strategies which result in healthier & happier communities…

Our combined consultancy services deliver successful health and wellbeing partnership solutions in the residential, healthcare, corporate and education sectors.

The team is headed up by leading experts within the health, lifestyle, sport and facilities management industries – Jonathan Williams and Charles Tantram. As they also operate their own very successful commercial clubs in central London locations under the brand URBANFITNESS, the management team are no strangers to driving usage, maximising results and in turn achieving outstanding member satisfaction.

They are also complimented by Bruno DeFreitas who brings a wealth of operational ‘know-how’ from his time managing teams across numerous national brands in the UK Fitness industry. Finally, Gemma Tantram completes the team from a holistic perspective with her years of dedicated study and applied experience in the counselling and therapeutic support profession.

Jonathan Williams


Charles Tantram


Charles Tantram


Gemma Tantram


What makes our approach different to others in the marketplace is the ability to fuse the practical with the aspirational. The team are successful in creating an inclusive and supportive atmosphere that caters for all levels of fitness and a variety of exercise goals, from a gym newbie aspiring to run 5k to a seasoned athlete training for an ironman competition.

In recent years, the team from UrbanFitness have successfully designed and delivered new fitness provisions ranging from comprehensive health and fitness checks, health and wellbeing education and workshop delivery for a range of businesses; large and small.

They have planned, built and launched over one hundred differing facilities spanning from multi thousand-member large family health clubs to town centre, women’s only clubs and numerous children’s facilities on a UK and global scale.

This provides you with direct access to an extensive knowledge base, contact network and experience level that is at the forefront of the industry. There’s never an issue they haven’t faced or a challenge they can’t overcome.

The team has an ongoing passion to continue to develop their technical and operational know-how. Allied to this their approach to programming and educational resources are guided entirely by up-to-date evidence-based studies and the operational team have continuous access to innovative, professional development and training.

However, each member of facility staff is ultimately selected to work with us on the basis that above all, they are instinctively helpful people, friendly, and supportive. This combined approach to excel ensures they are successful at creating inspiring fitness hubs and communities, where people engage and return time after time which is something to be genuinely proud of.


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