Drop the excuses

I know, we get it, we’re all busy and it seems all too easy to find 101 things to do other than to work up a sweat at the gym.  Stop for a minute though and have a think about your excuses, are these genuine or just you trying to justify ditching an exercise session in favour of a Netflix binge? 

Below are some of the “go to” excuses people use to skip a workout – sound familiar?  Don’t worry though, URBANFITNESS London is here to debunk your excuses and get you back down the gym….you’re welcome!

1. I’m too tired to exercise

Yes exercise leaves your muscles feeling tired if you put enough effort in but it also leaves you feeling more energised than when you started.  This effect is due to the increased blood flow which gets your heart pumping, supplies oxygen to the brain and muscles and releases those sweet natural endorphins (the feel good chemicals).  You don’t even have to flog yourself to feel this effect, even a moderate training session can leave you feeling recharged.  

The solutions:  

– Push through the mental block which is telling you you’re too tired and focus on the feeling you get after a workout.  Even if you tell yourself you’re going to go for a steady 15 minute jog, once you’re out you’ll probably do more than that anyway.  

– Plan to meet a friend to keep you motivated, plus you’ll be less likely to skip a session if someone else is depending on you to turn up. 

– Exercise at a time of day that suit you.  If you know you’re not a morning person then there is zero chance of you getting up at 6am to hit the gym.  Pick a time of day that will make exercise more enjoyable for you, you’ll be much more likely to stick with it. 

2. I’m too busy

We get how crazy busy life can get, unfortunately exercise tends to be the first commitment to be dropped when we’re feeling a bit frazzled from a packed schedule.  However, with a bit of pre-planning and flexibility, you’ll usually find there are a few opportunities to exercise throughout the week if you are genuinely committed.    

The solutions:  

– Change your mind-set when it comes to exercise and instead of trying to find the time to get to the gym look at your diary and think of ways that you can make the time.  Look upon it as a treat rather than a chore and an opportunity to fit in some much needed “me time”.  Even some exercise is better than none at all.  Try setting aside a couple of lunchtimes or evenings a week which you keep free purely to train and any extra you can fit in is a cheeky bonus.   

– Do you love to crash on the sofa in front of the TV after a hard day at work?  Think about how many hours you spend watching TV each day.  Can you cut that down and find time to workout?  Or how about setting yourself a rule of, no TV unless you’ve exercised that day?  

3. I’m not motivated enough to exercise

We’ve all been there, started a new “health kick” and then run out of steam with it in a couple of weeks once the novelty has worn off.  If keeping healthy or losing weight isn’t a big enough incentive to get you moving, look for something which will work for you and keep you on track with your fitness.  

The solutions: 

– Read up on some of the health benefits associated with exercise. There’s some fairly compelling research out there and you don’t need to dig too deep to find it.  For example, it has recently been found that regular exercise along with a healthy lifestyle can add up to a decade on to your life – impressive hey?  

– Love a spreadsheet? Then make a chart to track your progress or download an app to keep a log of your exercise on your phone.  That way you’ll clearly be able to see the progress you’re making which will spur you on to continue.  

– Think of a reward for yourself which will push you to reach your fitness goal.  Maybe a weekend away, a massage or some new workout gear – whatever floats your boat.  

4. I get bored easily and don’t enjoy exercising

This all comes down to boredom busting!  The trick here is to do everything you can to make exercising fun so that it keeps your interest and is something you look forward to doing. 

The solutions: 

– Find things you enjoy doing, this might be running, cycling or a new gym class. Whatever it is, make sure you’re having fun.  There’s an exercise for everyone so give new things a try until you find your thing. 

– Make exercising more enjoyable – this might be by listening to your favourite music or downloading a podcast, even watching TV.  As long as you enjoy it, do it alongside exercising. 

– Switch things up to keep your interest.  Every few months or weeks try changing your usual training schedule, maybe throw in a new class.  Not only will it be great for your fitness, it’ll keep you on your toes too.   

Right, now we’ve dealt with all your lame excuses, what are you waiting for?!