Forming healthy fitness habits

So, 2020 is here and everyone starts out with the best intentions for the New Year. Maybe it’s to eat healthier, maybe it’s to exercise more or take on a new sporting challenge?  Whatever personal challenge you’ve embarked on, URBANFITNESS London is here to keep you on track and make sure you continue to rock 2020! 

According to research, the 19th January marks the date than most people give up on their New Year resolutions.  Don’t be another statistic, forming healthy habits is a hack which will keep you on track for the long-run.  Here’s how to make those healthy habits stick….     

Also loads of new and very strong evidence out today about the cognitive benefits of exercise in combating mental health including dementia. In a busy city like London that can sometimes feel quite lonely…joining us can be just the tonic blah blah blah. 

1.  Make a plan, make it work

Ok, once you’ve decided to get to grips with your health and fitness you need a plan of action.  This can cover anything from scheduling in when will be the best time for you to exercise and how you might tackle the temptations of a big night out topped off with a kebab.  Rather than throwing the towel in at the first hurdle, it’s worth having ‘coping mechanisms’ to call on which can help to keep you on track. Different things work for different people so you might need the help of a supportive training buddy or reward incentives might be your thing.   

2. Be realistic

Let’s be honest, if you’ve let your fitness slide in recent months and opted for more pub time over Christmas than gym time then taking on too much at once is a recipe for disaster.  For example, if you’ve decided to workout everyday not only do you run the risk of injuries, you’ll burn out, become bored and sack off your “new, healthy lifestyle” by the end of the week.  Forget quick fixes and fad diets which are only maintainable over a short period, the trick for success here is making small changes.  Maybe plan to work out three times a week or cycle to work?  Whatever you go for, make sure it’s something you can stick at rather than setting yourself up for failure.  

3. Make it fun

This is where you get to rope in your friends for moral support (or at least someone to chat to while you’re working out) Maintaining a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t feel like a long hard slog and if it does you’ll be much less likely to stick to it. Do everything you can to make the change fun.  Find yourself a gym buddy or swap take-away nights with friends for something more active or try out a new sport of gym class.  You’ll thrive on the new challenge which will keep your motivation levels up.

4. Track your progress

If you’re struggling to see the bigger picture or long-term goal, try breaking it down in to smaller targets.  Keep track of your progress, no matter how small.  Let’s face it, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your progress.  This might be all you need to stick with your lifestyle changes over the course of the year rather than being another January statistic.   

5. Reward yourself

…within reason!  If you’re working on eating healthily, this doesn’t mean with a big burger but something appropriate that will be enough to keep you motivated.  Think along the lines of some new trainers, a workout gadget or a weekend away to celebrate all your hard work.  

 6. Think of the bigger picture

Exercise does so much more than simply look after your physical health.  More and more research is discovering the positive link between exercise and metal and cognitive health.  With physical health going hand in hand with mental health and as our lives are becoming busier, it’s easy to feel isolated, stressed and at times, depressed.  Exercise could just be the tonic you need to combat these feelings and regain the balance in your life.   

7.  Don’t get disheartened

The odd slip-up is going to happen, whether it’s a missed workout or a few extra drinks, the key to long-term success is not beating yourself up about it and getting back on track as soon as possible.  If you’re serious about achieving your long-term goals, a missed workout isn’t going to make a huge difference, so relax safe in the knowledge that you’re making some positive lifestyle changes. 

Now you’re geared up with some top tips for forming healthy fitness habits to keep you on track throughout the year, let’s smash 2020! Who’s with us?!