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Drop the excuses

I know, we get it, we’re all busy and it seems all too easy to find 101 things to do other than to work up a sweat at the gym.  Stop for a minute though and have a think about your excuses, are these genuine or just you trying to justify ditching an exercise session in favour […]

Forming healthy fitness habits

So, 2020 is here and everyone starts out with the best intentions for the New Year. Maybe it’s to eat healthier, maybe it’s to exercise more or take on a new sporting challenge?  Whatever personal challenge you’ve embarked on, URBANFITNESS London is here to keep you on track and make sure you continue to rock 2020!  According to […]

Why you should vary your workout routine?!

Picture the scene…You find an exercise routine that you enjoy and are able to do, it takes time and dedication and begins to help you achieve your goal of weight loss! Initially, you notice that you’re shedding pounds and the exercise routine pays off. However, after a few months, you start to stagnate at the same […]

Mental health is just as important as physical wellbeing!

“There’s always room for improvement!” I’ve come to learn is a phrase often said without fully understanding the message we are conveying to others. When it comes to setting out a programme and stating your plan of action to get there, there is no substitute for hard work and commitment but the question should be […]

This might come in handy after Christmas dinner!

So what do you know about boxing? Have you ever tried it? Do you know anybody that has ever taken part in it? These are the questions I ask people when they start their journey in learning how to box. I can then build an understanding of why they have decided to attempt it. Boxing […]

Women with Power!

Edging out the competition, generating power, increasing performance and looking good doing it?! When someone asks you what you train to increase your speed, power and stability, what do you tell them? For a few of us it will be sprints on a treadmill, for others it will be pause squats. For very few there […]

257 calories to go!

Like many people with an Apple Watch, I’ve become obsessed with “closing the rings” on the fitness app. So much so that it’s become my new favourite watch face. For anyone not in the know, “closing the rings” is the equivalent of completing a certain number of steps, burning a certain number of calories or […]

“I just don’t have the time!”

Something I hear in so many conversations about physical activity is “I know its good for me but there just aren’t enough hours in the day, I just don’t have the time!” Of course there is a common, apparent easy response which is “you should make time!” Anything that can benefit you physically, mentally, socially […]

The magic beans of training and choice?!

All, if not most of us have tried a fad diet, multiple different training routines and various pieces of ‘wonder kit’ yet we are all still looking for that quick fix…all in one magic bean. The ‘fence’ in this situation is that there is no quick fix all in one magic bean, sorry guys! The […]

Life is like a box of chocolates…I should know, I ate most of them!

Did you know, research shows that members who participate in gym only activities are 56% more likely to struggle to maintain activity adherence compared to those who include group exercise classes as part of their routine? These statistics come from The Retention People (TRP) and I for one have had my mind changed in the […]